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August 23, 2014  

Nadia Moss is a visual artist and musician. She has presented solo exhibitions and attended residencies in galleries and art spaces across Canada and the United States. With ink, watercolor and whatever other material suits her fancy, she makes fantastical, otherworldly bodies as works on paper, sculptures or installations. She published two books of drawings and paintings-“Bébé”(2009) and “Mr Non Pigeon” (2005) -with Montreal press L’Oie De Cravan. In 2013 she earned an MFA from York University and had her grad show,“Dirty Backwards Promises,” in the kitchen of her alma mater, the Inglenook Community High School.

In this episode Nadia talks about art school, bodies, the “Fucker In Training” exhibition at Weird Things, being interviewed by her teenage self, embedding pearls, insulation Styrofoam, her relationship to drawing, Lynda Barry, hanging out with teenagers, post MFA blues, and the indispensability of having a studio .

This episode was hosted and produced by Yaniya Lee.

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“Behind the bushes” from The Knife’s Silent Shout (2003)

“Girl” from Maica Mia’s Sparcity Blues (2012)

Nadia’s drawings will be shown with Caroline Boileau's work at galerie Espace Robert Poulin from August 23 to September 20th 2014.

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