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June 20, 2014  

Since 2010 Gabriel Baribeau, Jackson Darby, Max Evans, John Gunner, Craig Spence and Simon Zaborski have been making sculptures, installations and videos together as the MAW collective. They've had solo exhibitions at Galerie Lock, VAV Gallery, Galerie AB and CTRL Lab. This past May, MAW created Deflective Skepticism & Critical Plinking for Parisian Laundry’s bunker space.

Over beers, Yaniya Lee speaks with Max Evans and Craig Spence about MAW's past exhibitions; how their practice has improved through skill-trading and knowledge sharing; the difficulty making personal work within a collective; the dissonance between their art writing and their actual work; and their struggle to address their privilege making art together as 6, straight white men.


This episode was hosted and produced by Yaniya Lee.

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Opening song from a 2010 recording of a live performance by Tyr Jami of Syngja.

“Feathers” track from Man Man’s album Six Demon Bag (2006).

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