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June 2, 2014  

Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre is a writer and independent curator. She has curated exhibitions at le Centre de diffusion Clark, le Musée régional de Rimouski, la Galerie de l’UQAM and la Cinémathèque québécoise. Her writing about art has been published in Ciel Variable, Inter, ETC and esse arts + opinions. She currently works as assistant director and assistant curator at the SBC gallery of contemporary art.

Some of the topics discussed during this episode: the concepts of tableau vivant, mis-en-abime, the spectator as recipient of the artwork’s gaze, and the relationship between performance and painting as they are explored in Anne-Marie’s curatorial projects Faire comme si (2012) and Re: Faire comme si (2014); curating group shows vs curating solo shows; sovereignty; colonialism, First Nations art and multiple histories; the politics of territorial acknowledgements; and the implications of the absence of a French equivalent to the English term ‘settler.’

Anne-Marie worked with visual artists Jacynthe Carrier, Julie Favreau and Vicky Sabourin to create the exhibition RE: Faire comme si, at the Maison des arts de Laval until July 13, 2014.

This episode was produced, hosted and edited by Yaniya Lee

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Cylinder Two from Chris Zabriskie’s album 'Cylinders' (2014)

Cripple Creek originally performed by Buffy Saint Marie and Fred the Wonder Horse on Sesame Street (1977). 

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